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Part 1 – The Spark

on 11 Sep 2019 6:42 AM

When I was a kid, walking through the school’s library rack, made me avoid those big books. I was more intrigued as to how people can write them, let alone read. Thoughts crossed my mind about writing many a time, but then I let it be, as a passing thought.
Coming from a corporate background, I am adept in writing concise bullet points, with graphs and images to complement any shortfall in words. Finally, my passion for photography convinced me that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Then came an alumni meet. Having passed out of college in an era where social media and cellphone were non-existent, I was given the drum-up-people role to sign up for the event. My dormant writing ability came to the fore. I bombarded my fellow classmates with blogs and triggered their nostalgic emotions. Surprisingly the blogs and emails were well received, and many people signed up for the event. That was a spark which triggered in my mind.
For that spark to ignite, it took 3 years. In 2013, my work took me to Mumbai. I lived out of my suitcase for a year. It was my first experience of Mumbai monsoons. It never stopped raining for 3 months. I had forgotten as to how my shadow looks like and how blue the sky can feel. At the hotel room, rains meant no television binging, as it interrupts the TV signals. Viewing on the mobile devices was restricted too. Those days the data limit was 1 GB/month.
It was during this period, where the calamity of cloudburst and floods at Kedarnath took place. Seeing water everywhere in front of me, I could empathize with the pilgrims stranded there. The culmination of these events was the start of my journey as an author.

….to be continued