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Part 3 – The English Problem

on 11 Sep 2019 6:49 AM

I gave up too soon. The new skills I was trying to pursue was very demanding. I went crazy trying to connect events, etching characters and writing a fable. 

But providence did not let me go. My commute time to office became agonizingly slow. The traffic crawled in knee-deep water. Looking out of the window at the deluge, my mind drifted back to Kedarnath. The three hours of travel every day became my ideating time.

I put on my consultants’ hat and told myself, ‘Simplify the problem; break it down bit by bit.’
Hence a routine got established. The thoughts congregated during the travel in the day time was penned in the night. Transmission of my thoughts became the only goal.

In two months’ time, I had an outline of the story. I was happy that I had achieved my goal. It was easy to get back to my lazy self. Sadly, I struggled to comprehend the document I had prepared. It looked dis-jointed and random. My English writing and grammar were exposed.

Barking up the wrong tree, I start to polish my English. As a student, I always felt grammar was boring and realized that my childhood feelings had not left me. All my corporate life, my shortfall in English was masked by graphs, data tables and photographs. How I missed them in my writing!